Benefits of Working With Percorso Life Sciences

Percorso functions as part of its clients’ organization, operating a North American entity which embodies the clients worldwide branding and business efforts while minimizing their financial and market risk. We are an expert and fully integrated business partner for our clients enabling them to establish a presence in the world’s largest life science market by operating an incorporated and highly capable entity of their company. We integrate seamlessly and transparently into our clients’ business in a cost-effective, low-risk and highly competent manner.

Your North American Entity

As an integrated and functional part of your company, Percorso Life Sciences works to expand your brand in this market. We are your single point of contact for your operational and commercial needs, simplifying the process for you and establishing full transparency to your finances, your US operations and, most importantly, your customers. Our services include:

  • Establishing a Legal US Entity for your organization
  • Full Commercial and Support Functions: Sales, Marketing Order Entry, Technical Support
  • Legal, Financial, Importing, Warehousing and Shipping
Control and Promotion of Your Business

Percorso Life Sciences operates your US Entity so you maintain total control of your brand and business. This is a substantial gain over the alternative of turning your product, its pricing and your “brand” over to the control of a distributor.

  • Full transparency: You know everything about your customers, your prospects and your sales
  • Part of your organization: We work with you as a fully functional part of your team, able to work independently but as a fully integrated part of your company
  • Brand Control: You maintain control while we work with you to expand your brand, visibility and market share in North America
  • When the time is right, we will also work with you to create your US subsidiary to take your business “to the next level”
Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Your Opportunity Cost-Effectively

Creating a subsidiary or working through a distributor carries “risk”. Setting up a US Subsidiary is an expensive, time consuming and resource-intensive process; it can cost in the millions of dollars which prohibitively expensive for small companies seeking entry into this market. Use of a distributor means that your pricing, branding, sales, marketing and support are in the control of an entity that is not part of your company.  By enlisting Percorso to set up and manage your legal entity you:

  • Establish a fully associated partner who is integrated with your business, at a fraction of the cost of setting up a subsidiary
  • Maintain Control of Your Brand, Pricing, Customers and North American Business
  • Create an entity that embodies your corporate operating philosophy and worldwide business efforts

Let us show you how to enter this market with minimal risk and financial upside.