We Personalize Our Business Model to Meet Client’s Needs

Percorso Life Sciences has a track record of success helping both US and non-US based companies gain a foothold in the North American Life Science Product industry. By offering a broad array of services and operating the US entity of our foreign partners we fully enable their businesses to expand into the largest market for their products. While running as a de facto subsidiary, our client companies maintain full control of their brand we integrate seamlessly into their worldwide business development strategy. With full insight into how the business is run, our clients gain commercial and operating traction while maintaining the desired control and oversight of their brand and business.

CASE STUDY ONE: Helping an established European company enter the US market at a reasonable cost while maintaining control over their “brand”

Background: Hycult biotech, is an established Dutch company which has been in business for approximately 18 years. The Company has experienced steady growth via its primary sales channels of distribution, business-to-business relationships, and OEM. Their interest was in expanding their market share and revenues and gaining control of their brand via a more direct link to the North American market, all in an effort to expand the presence of The Company as a leader in its field. Percorso Life Sciences worked with the Founder and Managing Director to fully understand the strategic intent of the organization, co-develop a plan and execute on that plan to maximize valuation while minimizing The Company’s financial investment and market risk.

CASE STUDY TWO:  Maximizing growth potential for a Scandinavian corporation

Background: ArcticZymes is an established international provider of unique enzymes and has been in business for approximately 19 years.  The Company’s go-to-market strategy during this time period was an OEM based approach to increasing its visibility and revenues in the research products market. This approach led to positive growth and profits, but did not allow the organization to maximize its growth potential in this marketplace.  Percorso/s executive team worked with the Chairman and Managing Director to establish a strategy to increase its revenue and visibility in the United States.

Solentim Ltd.

Solentim Ltd.

Solentim is dedicated to the development of innovative tools to shorten steps in the upstream cell line development workflow and facilitate cell line scale-up.  Aaron Figg, Director at Solentim, recognized the requirement to support the commercialization of Solentim products in North America.  In early 2014 Mr. Figg made contact with Percorso Life Science to discuss a strategic process to support the increasing demand for the Cell Metric™ product line, notably the strong growth and potential in the US Market.  Percorso Life Science was able to develop and implement a strategic plan to support Solentim’s growth ambition.

Essential elements of the plan include; incorporation of Solentim Inc. in Pennsylvania, establishment of bank and accounting routines to support growth, management of payroll, employee benefits, exhibition activity, and the management of logistics to support product demonstrations in North America.  In addition, PLS consults with the management team in the U.K. on U.S. specific nuance and market specifications.


Sepmag Sepmag

SEPMAG manufactures homogenous biomagnetic separation equipment.  Its systems enhance the reproducibility ofdiagnostic kits eliminating assay variability, leading to maximum recovery of beads, thus facilitating the validation process from the bench to full scale-up technology.  The unique magnetic field provided by the Sepmag system allows all magnetic beads to experience the same conditions regardless of their distance to the magnet wall.  The benefit is a comprehensive and consistent treatment of samples, independent of sample volume, or application thus allowing Sepmag to provide superior products in diagnostic kit manufacturer, antigen or antibody coupling, affinity purification, capture of biotinylated biomolecules, DNA/RNA purification and cell capture/enrichment.

Josep Maria Simo, Board Member of SEPMAG and Dr. Lluis M. Martinez, Chief Scientific Officer of Sepmag began its relationship with Percorso Life Science in 2012.  Sepmag identified the need to establish a Business Development role in N.A., without the added expense of a full-time employee, as it further developed its commercial strategy.  Sepmag and PLS were able to co-develop a go-to-market strategy to include designation of Bryan Rittenberry, Partner at PLS, as the Director of Business Development North America at Sepmag.

In addition to business development activities PLS provides strategic and tactical marketing activities, logistics, and exhibition and trade show support to the parent company.  The engagement has grown to include the development of partners in Japan and commercialization of products in Europe.


Cube Biotech GmbH Cube Biotech

Cube Biotech is a privately held company based in Monheim, Germany.  Cube Biotech was founded in 2012 by a group of experts in membrane protein biology and organic chemistry.  The management team has greater than 40 years of experience in membrane protein expression, purification, crystallization, synthesis of tailor-made affinity matrices, and a deep appreciation and value to develop high-quality products at a reasonable price.

In early 2013 three members of the Cube Biotech management (Dr. Barbara Maertens, Dr. Ute Boronowsky, and Roland Gamp) met with the Percorso management team to present Cube’s desire to enter the U.S. market in a step-wise, pragmatic approach, to maximize value and mitigate financial risk.  Together Cube Biotech and Percorso Life Science were able to develop a strategic plan and subsequently implement the plan in a step-wise fashion.  Key strategic elements of the plan include:

  • Incorporation of Cube Biotech, Inc. in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania in late 2013.
  • Establishment of a corporate office, bank and accounting routines, import service, customer service, shipping and logistics, tactical marketing, and commercialization of products.
  • Commercialization of Products
    • Strategic – OEM/B2B managed by PLS Partners
    • Tactical – end user sales and management designed by pull/push tactical market techniques


Nordic BioSite Nordic BioSite

Nordic BioSite is located in Taby, Sweden and is a recognized leader in the supply of products for research and diagnostic, immunology and molecular biology, to pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and academic researchers.  Nordic BioSite introduces many novel products as a result of the research and development with our partners and the feedback from its customers.  In early 2011 Yvonne Zar, President of Nordic BioSite and BioSite Histo made contact with Dino DiCamillo, Partner and Founder of Percorso Life Science to discuss the a strategic means to consolidate vendor shipments from the U.S. to Sweden.

The initial engagement led to Percorso Life Science resurrecting Nordic BioSite Inc. a California corporation from its latent period.  At the present time Percorso Life Science provides import, customer service, shipping and logistic, and management of the entire sales order cycle in North America for Nordic BioSite Inc.  One unique feature of our relationship is the entire sales order cycle is managed by PLS employees via a portal connection to the parent companies ERP system that is in Swedish.  Ms. Zar comments, “the relationship with Dino and the partners at Percorso instilled confidence in our decision to operate effectively in this manner in the U.S.”, continued to state, “PLS’s customer service team has been able to understand the nuance of our ERP, even though of the language barrier, it is a credit to their work ethic”.    The successful partnership has grown to include commercial support of BioSite Histo’s IHC product line in North America.


Axiogenesis AG Axiogenesis

Axiogenesis AG is an international leader in the development and commercialization of in vitro models of healthy and diseased cell types and tissue.  Axiogenesis’ technologies greatly improve the speed and confidence in discovering new therapies, and reduce of attrition of failed compounds.  Since 2000, Axiogenesis has been in the business to capture the promise of stem cells to revolutionize the fields of drug discovery & development and life sciences research in general.  Axiogenesis develops and commercializes stem cell-derived, in vitro differentiated cardiomyocytes, neurons and other cell types, as well as drug development assays and disease model, to help researchers discover cures.

In early 2014 the leadership team at Cube Biotech recommended Percorso Life Science to Dr. Bernd Fronhoff, Chief Operating Officer at Axiogenesis AG.  The initial introduction led to an engagement with Percorso Life Sciences to incorporate Axiogenesis Inc. in the U.S., establish and operate the U.S. office in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.  In addition, Percorso Life Science manages Axiogenesis’ U.S. payroll, benefits, and provides logistic support for the commercial team in the U.S.