FG beads

FG beads

FG beads are magnetic nanoparticles for affinity purification that provide superior characteristics which are not available with conventional matrices. These characteristics include the following:

bead protein

  1. Excellent dispersibility – The nano size of FG beads gives them excellent dispersibility.  The ligands on the surface of the beads efficiently bind to the target protein suspended in solution, yielding a higher recovery rate.
  2. Large specific surface area – Because of their nano size, FG beads have a large surface area per unit of volume. This allows many ligands to be immobilized on them, allowing collection of large amounts of the target protein.
  3. Extremely low non-specific adsorption – The surface of the FG beads is coated with a special hydrophilic polymer called poly-GMA (glycidyl methacrylate), which results in extremely low non-specific protein adsorption, and allows the target protein to be purified with a high degree of purity.
  4. Resistant to various organic solvents – FG beads are resistant to various types of organic solvents, and the beads do not degenerate or dissolve in these solvents. A variety of ligands can be immobilized on the beads in an organic solvent. The organic solvents which can be used include: methanol, DMF, DMSO, THF, ethyl acetate, pyridine, dioxane, toluene, dichloromethane, and chloroform.
  5. Can be magnetically recovered – Because the FG beads contain magnetic ferrite, they can be recovered by a magnet. Recovery by magnetic force allows the target proteins to be recovered without effects from factors such as large proteins and/or degenerated proteins. The use of an automated screening system allows the affinity purification process to be automated, and allows multiple samples to be processed simultaneously, shortening the screening time.

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