Sepmag A

A125ml Adaptor inside

For homogeneous separation at different volumes

The new Sepmag A scale-up systems take advantage of the reproducible Sepmag technology in which magnetophoretical conditions anywhere inside the system ring are homogeneous. End-users often need to work with a wide range of volumes, starting with small tubes and increasing sample size when processes are optimized or simply when sample volumes vary.

With the new Sepmag A biomagnetic separators end-users can start working with 1.5, 10 and 50 ml tubes and further scale up to either 125ml (Sepmag A 125) or 250ml (Sepmag A 250) volumes. A standard holder for a variety of tube sizes is provided with each system, but customizable adaptors can be supplied to suit end-user´s requirements.


Production of IVD kits, Large-scale biomolecule separation, Cell Capture


Sepmag Q

For homogeneous and Large Volume separations

Q1L hand and bottleProduction departments need an efficient and economical process to use batches of several liters, with throughputs high enough to meet demand and avoiding particle losses. Sepmag Q is a biomagnetic separation technology specifically developed to process large batch volumes in nucleic acid separation, protein purification, cell isolation, biocatalysts, therapeutics and diagnostics.

This patented technology uses permanent magnets to generate homogeneous magnetic force patterns at their large volume bore, with minimum stray fields. This approach results in high throughput, easy handling and safe operation, as well as simplifying the validation and quality assurance of the processes.


Production of IVD kits, Challenging separations, Large-scale biomolecule separation, Cell Capture



Quality Control Recording (QCR)

For Automatic Process Monitoring

Q1L QCR Bottle insideIn production runs, monitoring the process is key to ensuring quality. The Sepmag QCR system allows the operator to monitor the complete magnetic separation process. Problems associated with bead size, distribution, concentration or buffer conditions can be detected earlier so that immediate corrective actions can be taken, rather than having to wait until QC is performed hours, days or weeks later.

Early detection of problems prior to making subsequent defective batches will result in huge savings for the company. Our QCR hardware and software also provide the QA Manager with a print-out report containing a separation profile curve, ensuring the magnetic separation process has been performed correctly for each batch.


Production of IVD kits, Challenging separations, Large-scale biomolecule separation, Cell Capture



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