Percorso Life Sciences is a consulting firm that specializes in executive management, operations, commercialization, and subsidiary formation. We execute transparently, allowing clients easy access to the global life science marketplace.
Our History

Percorso Life Sciences

The genesis of Percorso is borne out of 35+ years of sales, product development, sales leadership, and C-level management by Dino DiCamillo the Founder of Percorso Life Sciences.

Dino spent 7+ years at Bio-Rad Laboratories, selling and developing products in the life science business segment. This experience led to a leadership opportunity at Nicolet Instruments, applying Raman and FTIR spectroscopy in the life sciences.
In 1989 Applied Biosystems was looking to develop and commercialize capillary electrophoresis as an adjunct to GC and LC instruments. The next 13+ years provided Dino the opportunity to work and grow with the world leader in DNA sequencing, mass spectrometry, DNA synthesis, and PCR tools among other technology. In 2002, he led a group of regional managers, country manager of Canada, and led a global software team, in total $190,000,000 of commercial responsibility.

In 2002, Dino left ABI to pursue the U.S. President and Chief Commercial Officer at Dynal Biotech. In his tenure, Dynal grew from $30,000,000 to $90,000,000 in global revenue and participated on the sell side to Invitrogen in 2005 for $380,000,000.

Subsequent roles include the V.P. of Environmental Diagnostics at Invitrogen, President of Alfa Wasserman Proteomics, and Vice President of Advanced Research Technology. All of the roles did provide Dino a breadth of experience in diverse business segments, global markets, and managerial leadership.

In the mid-2000’s Dino identified a need for early stage and small scientific (defined as less than $5M in revenue) companies wishing to participate in the North American research market. The cost to enter North America is prohibitive for many early stage and small, privately held companies, with the ambition to develop a global brand and image.

What’s in a Name

Percorso Life Sciences

The name, Percorso, an Italian word with a literal meaning of path, was chosen to represent who we are and how we operate. We partner with our clients to understand their ambition for the future. Thus allowing us to partner with our clients to develop and implement the best strategy to achieve their short, mid, and long-term goal. The diverse models include; wholly-owned subsidiary operations, direct commercial development, distribution management, channel management, sales agent management, and OEM representation among others.

In late 2007 Percorso Life Sciences, LLC was incorporated as a life science consulting firm. Our beginning was quite humble a single office in a shared facility, which quickly grew to a second office, then our first integrated facility with a warehouse at 1,500 sq. ft. At this stage we had incorporated 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries of foreign entities, operated these subsidiaries, and developed a robust B2B commercial program, logistics, and customer service activities.

As the business grew we recognized the increase services and physical space. Today we occupy approximately 6,000 sq. ft., increased our client base, gained ISO 9001:2015 certification, provide payroll, benefits, and bookkeeping among a host of services we provide our clients.

In October of 2023 Owen Swift was appointed the new company President. Owen brings with him 18 years of commercial leadership and a strong vision for enabling small companies to enter the US market.

Services History

Maintain control of your brand

Our services help you reduce the costs and risks of transitioning to the North American market.


Business Incorporation

Percorso Life Sciences has incorporated more than 10 entities in the United States. All of the entities are 100% wholly-owned subsidiaries of foreign entities. We deliver on all incorporation documents, state and federal registration, stock certificates, corporate seal, corporate log book, and operating agreement. In addition, we act on behalf of the entity to establish local bank, accounting, and legal relationships as required.


Subsidiary Management

Once incorporated a number of our clients rely upon the Percorso team to operate their subsidiary as the parent. This service typically includes; import of product, warehouse services, customer service, logistics, AR/AP, monthly reconciliation, quarterly financial reports, and if applicable a full-range of personnel support functions.


Executive Management

In the development of a company there may be a need to engage outside experience for a period of time. Percorso leadership has the experience to supplement an organizations personnel and work with the CEO or Managing Director to develop the business and internal talent. Examples include Director of Worldwide Marketing and Sales, Head of North America Sales, and Executive Director and Board roles in the subsidiaries. See ArcticZymes AS Case Study as an example.


Virtual Office and Services

Our virtual office service can be as simple as providing a legal office, phone, dedicated personnel to respond as you (the client) to….

Customer Service. We employ your SOP’s in the U.S. to build your brand and presence in the market. Order administration, shipping and logistics, shipment notification, and accounts receivable services among others.

Logistics Service. Import of your products, local warehousing in refrigerators, freezers, and ambient temperature controls. All refrigeration and freezers are supported with a back-up generator and temperatures are monitored in the cloud.

Exhibition and Tradeshow Service. We warehouse your booth, literature, roll-ups, and product giveaway in support of your marketing effort in North America. In addition, we offer local staff to support your booth, minimizing the cost and time to visit from Europe or other locations in the world. This service has gained in prominence and importance as travel restrictions due to COVID-19 has provided new opportunities to assess the number of staff at tradeshows.


Distribution Management and Direct Commercial service.

Though not mutually inclusive a number of clients utilize our team to manage their U.S. distribution partners. Acting as you without the challenge of language, time zones, understanding the nuance of U.S. based distributors are a few of the benefits our clients recognize.

We provide direct commercial sales for a number of clients. This service aligns well with clients who wish to sell via multiple channels. The channels include B2B, OEM, channel managers (i.e. Fisher Scientific, VWR, the Scientist, etc.), and direct services. This direct sales model benefits clients with a small yet diverse set of products and services, different revenue streams, and unique margins.


Sales Agent Service.

We have a number of sales agents in the U.S. to channel products. We actively match clients to agents, in both product/experience, and geographical location. We maintain a group of agents in New England, mid-Atlantic, Chicago area, Texas, and the West Coast. This model has proven to be beneficial to a number of clients overtime.