About Us

Percorso Life Sciences is a full-service provider for your scientific recruitment and staff needs.  We assist our clients by linking them with top professionals & managers in their respective field.  Percorso maintains a fundamental commitment to excellence that is evident in all of our engagements.

Mission Statement:

Percorso Life Sciences is a consultative support and implementation organization which specializes in providing expert strategic, business, operational, and tactical execution to Life Science tools and services providers.  Our ability to partner, advise, and execute leads to successful and measurable business growth in the North American Life Science market. We accomplish this by focusing on a variety of client requirements designed to minimize financial investment and market risk.  Percorso Life Sciences is able to work in a transparent partnership with clients’ strategic objectives to capture and maximize value creation.

Why Percorso Life Sciences?


As a valued partner, we consistently provide the right fit, provide high-quality services that best match our clients’ needs, for the life of the project and beyond.


We build long-lasting relationships with our clients.  We value teamwork and a true ‘partnership’ with our clients and express this strategic intent on a daily basis.


Our clients trust that their proprietary information is kept secure and private.  Those seeking roles can rest knowing their search will remain confidential.  We follow through on our commitments, always accountable for our actions and services.

Percorso Life Sciences management is comprised of business professionals with extensive experience in the Life Sciences marketplace. We possess a breadth of functional experience in areas such as:

  • Business Incorporation and Governance
  • Commercial strategy development and implementation
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Marketing of emerging products/technologies
  • Strategic partnering and professional services.
  • Customer Service, Technical Support, and Logistics

The organizational structure and personnel plan reflect our intentions to maintain an organization that is customer oriented and technologically proficient, while efficiently managing cost controls and productivity.

DiBiO Partners

Percorso Life Sciences, LLC is pleased to introduce DiBiO Partners to our clientele.  DiBiO Partners is a structured network of independent firms owned and operated locally in countries worldwide.  Our ambition is to work collaboratively across geographies, services, and sectors to deliver the best advice and support to our clients.  DiBiO Partners has the ability to advise and execute capital operations, commercial development, and corporate advisory.


Chief Executive Officer & President

Mr. DiCamillo brings over 30 years of top-level business and management experience in the research, discovery and pre-clinical markets. He has held various top-level sales, marketing and business leadership roles as President of Dynal Biotech, Vice President of ART Advanced Research Technologies, President of Alfa Wassermann Proteomic Technology Inc., Vice President of Environmental Diagnostics at Invitrogen Corporation, and Senior Field Manager at Applied Biosystems Inc. He was also a Sales Engineer at Bio-Rad Laboratories and holds an EMBA from Temple University and a BS in Biology from Lake Superior State University.  Mr. DiCamillo currently sits on the Board of Hycult Biotech Inc., Nordic BioSite Inc., and ArcticZymes Inc.



Mr. Rittenberry brings two decades of experience in the fields of proteomics and genomics. He has been involved in business development activities, direct sales, and marketing actions.  His experiences include roles as Director of Business Development for IDEX Health and Science,  Director of Business Development for Sepmag Systems, Business Development for LIFE’s Dynal Business Unit focusing on North American IA, IVD, and Cellular Technology.  Bryan holds a BS in Microbiology and Biology from the University of Texas (Arlington), and BS in Management from the University of Oklahoma.


CPA, MS Taxation, St. Clair CPA Solutions

St. Clair CPA Solutions was founded on a groundbreaking idea: to offer clients access to accounting, investment, and advisory services all through one organization of specialized companies. The concept was to deliver better service to clients by integrating a full platform of diversified financial services for individuals, businesses, and estates. Professionals specializing in different facets of financial management could communicate more directly, and thereby provide more informed oversight. Clients would benefit from the team expertise and convenience of accessing comprehensive financial services all in one place.


Kobe, Japan

Takashi has had more than 30 years experiences in the Life science industry as Business development manager, Partner Management, and Direct sales in Molecular Biology, IVD, Drug Discovery, and Biotechnology in foods markets. He was a sales and operating director at a subsidiary of a Japanese Biotech company in the US. He has a deep knowledge of both the US and the Japanese markets. He holds a BS of Science and agriculture from Shinshu University. He is now working with various biotech companies expanding into the Japanese as well as the Asian markets.

Our Team

Bianca DiCamillo

Client Operations Supervisor and Office Manager

Michael Rothermel

Commercial Development Associate

Patrick O’Brien

Customer Service Representative

Paul Sekar

Technical Sales Consultant