Control Your Brand in the US Market Percorso integrates seamlessly and transparently with your company. This enables you to maintain control of your “brand” and your business. LEARN MORE in Life Science Companies Our Life Science backgrounds enable us to help our clients maximize their opportunity in this market while minimizing their monetary risk. LEARN MORE Full-Service Partner Specializing Largest Life Science Market Penetrating the North American market can be difficult and costly. We help small companies establish and grow their business in this LEARN MORE Business in the World's Helping You Grow Your lucrative market.

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Percorso is a fully incorporated business partner for its clients enabling them to establish a presence in the world’s largest market. We establish and operate a number of business models which embodies our clients’ worldwide business efforts and permits them to maintain control of their brand. We integrate seamlessly, cost-effectively and transparently into our clients’ business, minimizing their risk while maximizing their growth opportunity. Percorso has a proven record in direct commercialization of greater than $58,000,000 for our clients and greater than $14,600,000 in support of operational clients.


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