Work With Us

Virtual Office

Working with Percorso provides a client a Virtual Office. Percorso defines a virtual office as a legal address, product storage, assigned client service representative, and a unique telephone number. When onsite our clients have full access to the office, desk, Wi-Fi, training room, and canteen area.

Client Service Representative

Percorso assigns clients a primary and secondary Client Service Representative. They are your main contact and conduit to your customers in North America. Each representative is fully trained by the client, access to client email, manages inquiries, and the entire sales cycle. Your representative is responsible for orders, logistics, inventory, and is an extension of your company in North America. With built in redundancy you are never without coverage in the U.S.

Commercial Leadership

Percorso can provide commercial leadership if desired. This is managed at the Partner level in Percorso. The partners can provide commercial leadership or management as an extension of your company. The partners have experience in building a local business from a single employee to managing greater than $200M USD with 150+ customer facing employees. The option is an excellent means to begin developing and building talent in North America.

Tradeshow and Exhibition

Percorso can provide personnel to supplement your effort at tradeshow and exhibitions in North America. Our team represents your organization as the client. This allows you to present a large, uniform presence, as you build your brand in North America.

Relationship Management

Percorso partners with several accountants and legal representatives. Thus, allowing our clients to match their future ambition with the right partner in North America. We seamlessly integrate our partners or our internal team to your organization. The result is a powerful footprint without the capital exposure or risk in the marketplace.

Business Models

Percorso provides the business model that fits your business today and into the future. We are comfortable with a piecemeal approach or operating a wholly owned subsidiary of a foreign entity. Percorso has successfully operated or launched greater than 40 entities in North America, providing expertise to facilitate VC or public offerings for our clients.

Subsidiary Formation

Percorso provides the client a complete package. We incorporate the entity, file all documents, provide a client-to-client distribution agreement, develop a bank relationship, and operate your Inc. on your behalf. To date Percorso has incorporated and operated 12 subsidiaries in the last 12+ years of operation.


Percorso offers bookkeeping services to our clients. The service includes monthly reconciliation, quarterly roll-up, AR/AP reports, and similar processes to facilitate your ability to operate in North America.


Percorso offers recruitment services to our clientele. Our process in accretive to your effort, without the exorbitant cost associated with traditional services. We charge our clients 12% of the first-year salary and only offer this to our clients. It is our intent to be a true partner to our client by earning your trust to aide in the development of the business.