Subsidiary Management

Hycult Biotech b.v. is an ongoing business and prior to 2009 used a U.S. based distribution partner for the previous 9+ years.  Overtime Wim de Niet, Founder and Owner of Hycult began to identify behaviors by the distributor that did not align with their agreement and Hycult Biotech’s growth ambition.  Dino DiCamillo and Wim de Niet met face-to-face a number of times in 2009.  This allowed both parties to understand our intention on both a business and personal means.  

In October of 2009, Percorso Life Sciences incorporated Hycult Biotech Inc. in the U.S. and began to operate the subsidiary on behalf of the parent company.  Fast forward 13, Percorso is still operating the subsidiary on behalf of the parent, employs 2 FTE for the Inc.  The end result is the U.S. subsidiary has grown at an average 10% CAGR since 2010, grew its direct (b.v. recognized) OEM business, and introduced a new custom services business Biocult b.v. in the country.  Mr. DiCamillo has a seat on the Board of Hycult and continues to work with Ronald de Niet, the current CEO and Owner of Hycult Biotech b.v. on a number of projects.

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