Our Services Help You Reduce the Costs and Risks of Transitioning to the North American Market

Percorso Life Sciences was founded with one basic concept in mind: to combine professionals with Scientific and Business experience, to assist life science companies in setting up business in North America. Percorso Life Sciences has been serving the International Business Community by helping foreign businesses get a successful start in the USA. We not only provide you with the tools you need to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of transitioning to a global business, but we work in a transparent partnership with you allowing you to maintain control of your brand.

Services Include:

Setting up the Legal U.S. Entity:  Percorso does all of the up-front work to establish the legal US entity for our clients. Once established, we oversee the operation and conduct business as a part of clients’ business.

  • Process paperwork to establish Federal, State identifications and Local business license
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Assign a U.S. Agent and Establish Corporate Governance such as Chairman, President, Treasurer and other roles
  • Plan, Conduct and Participate in Board of Directors Meetings for US entity

Establish and Oversee U.S. Headquarters/US Subsidiary:  Once the US entity is established we create a virtual office in the US for customer contact, shipping, mailing, etc, so the entity has a US Headquarters its employees have a workspace. We also perform all of the office functions necessary to maintain and grow the business

  • Financial: Perform System Integration for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Oversee Payroll and Banking
  • Perform ongoing Legal Functions as Needed
  • Personnel:
    • Recruitment U.S. to fill key positions as agreed upon with parent company
    • Oversee Human Resource related functions including benefits management for US employees

Commercial Activity:  As the overseer of our clients’ US entity and as an extension of their worldwide business strategy, we work to establish their brand in this market and to expand their commercial success. Through our personnel, our partners and our clients’ US-based employees we create and execute a coordinated plan.

  • Sales: We perform Direct Sales, OEM Sales, Work on Business-to-Business relationships or find “sub-distribution” partners in North America in line our clients’ business needs.
  • Marketing: We plan and execute both Strategic and Tactical Marking Activity to establish the corporate and product brand in this market
    • Customer Database Development
    • Marketing Communications
    • Web Based Strategies
    • Tradeshows and Exhibitions
    • Advertising

Product Related Services:  Getting products into the US, storing them properly and shipping them on time and effectively is important, especially for kits and consumables for products with limited shelf-life. Percorso has perfected this process saving our clients money and eliminating product loss due to delays at customs, mishandling, etc.

  • We use import/export partners to ensure our clients’ products make it safely and expediently through US customs
  • We supply a US warehouse for our clients’ products
  • Order Fulfillment Logistics: We handle order entry and “picking and packing”  and shipping to make sure that the customer receives the right product, on-time
  • We also handle export of Product to other areas within the Americas as needed

Through our partnerships, we can also assist you with the following business and marketing activities:

  • Vision and Mission Creation
  • Commercial Strategy Development
  • Executive Summary
  • Executive Presentations